Treating Farm Animal Parasites

We stock a variety of wormers, flukicides and ectoparasiticides and can also order specific requests for next day delivery. Being a veterinary practice, we have the advantage of being able to dispense individual doses if you only have a small number of animals to...

Which flukicide, when?

CATTLE: For cattle that have been housed you can select an appropriate flukicide based on the stages of fluke it will treat. Fasinex and Endofluke will kill all stages, including the early immatures, so can be used from 2 weeks post-housing. Trodax and Closamectin...

Lambing Live 2016

Join us for our hugely popular ‘Lambing Live’ workshop. Please call the farm line on 01566 772371 to book your...

PD your Suckler Cows before the Winter

Now is the perfect time of year to PD your sucklers and tighten your calving pattern by selling on later-calving cows or empty cows. We recommend you do this 5 weeks after the bull is taken out. Early results this year are very encouraging – some herds have had...

Bimectin Pour-On for Beef Cattle

Housing is the perfect time to use a Group 3 Ivermectin to worm beef cattle. This will target gutworms (including the stages that inhibit within the animal) and lungworm. Ivermectin also has the advantage of treating mange mites and lice. We can order in Bimectin 5L...

In-House Calf Scour Tests

Calf Scour As many of you will already be calving or approaching spring calving, now is a good time to remind you of our FREE OF CHARGE in-house scour check service. Dung samples from calves under 2 weeks of age can be brought in to Sami at the surgery and can be...


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